My garbage hasn't been picked up. Who do I call?
An Important Reminder for South San Francisco Residents:

On your collection day, wheel your carts out to the street on your regularly scheduled garbage and recycling day by 5 am. Place recycling and garbage carts out together 2' apart and 3' away from any vehicle or obstacle. Put your cart wheels against the curb with the handles facing your house. If there is a problem putting your carts in the street, please put your carts as close as possible to the street. For example, in your driveway, on the mow strip, or at the edge of the sidewalk. No hazardous materials of any kind are accepted in your garbage, recycling, or yard waste carts.

South San Francisco Scavenger collects organic yard trimmings and food waste at single family residences and commercial properties who request organics service. The yard waste and food scraps goes through an anaerobic digestion process at the SSF Scavenger facilities that generates natural gas to fuel the collection trucks. The remaining solids are then turned into compost at a facility off site. The website below lists what can and cannot be disposed of in the green waste containers.

If you live in a multi-family residence, including small and large apartment buildings, SSF Scavenger does not currently provide organics food scrap/yard waste collection. SSF Scavenger is actively looking at working with apartment building owners and managers to be able to provide organic waste service in the future.

Cart Storage:
All garbage, recycling, and yard waste carts must be stored out of view from the street. Carts should be rolled out no more than 12 hours before collection and stored out of sight no more than 12 hours after collection.

Garbage service is required for all residential and commercial establishments. Per SSF Municipal Code 8.54.070

For more information, check the South San Francisco Scavengers Website.

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1. My garbage hasn't been picked up. Who do I call?
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