Historic Walking Tours of SSF

j0386295_thumb_thumb.jpgThe South San Francisco Historical Society has identified 50 sites that are of historic interest throughout the community. A descriptive marker, that includes a brief statement of the site's significance and its contribution to the historic fabric of the community, has been placed at each site.

A route to follow is decided by the individual. The entire area covers approximately 4.5 square miles and can be walked or toured by automobile. East of Highway 101 is an area where industrial companies once flourished. The Grand Avenue and Linden Avenue area includes the old downtown and hotels where early settlers boarded. The Greater downtown area includes prominent homes, farms, schools, and other significant locations. The City flower, the wild iris, decorates each of the custom-made, multicolored markers. Once growing wild on Sign Hill, the iris has become a symbol for the community and a reminder of its past.

Walking Tour #1
Walking Tour #2
Historical Marker Tour