Financial Well-Being Project

Get $mart with money!
We provide financial education and coaching to help our clients create spending plans, build emergency savings funds, and plan strategies to build wealth.Our volunteer financial coaches are trained to support their clients through financial challenges.

The benefits to our clients are a matched savings program - Individual Development Account (IDA), financial coaches, and kids' savings programs.

Funded by a grant from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Project Read and Saundra Davis of Sage Financial Solutions, Inc. provide FREE financial education to low literacy adults a first and second generation immigrant families, FREE coach training, materials and on-going support.
Testimonials From Clients & Coaches
  • I felt like this was information that I should know and needed to know, yet no one ever talks about it. It was a relief to learn this information.
  • Words like goals and achievements can make you feel small. When the words get changed to dreams that you can reach and complete, then I can understand how to use them in my life.
  • I signed up to be a financial coach because I believed it was a great opportunity to support people in need of financial guidance. The program is excellent and the training sessions have taught me valuable skills that go beyond just financial coaching. I find myself applying the listening and questioning techniques in my everyday life.
  • Financial coaching is an important part of the learning process.The more clients know and understand their spending habits and feelings about money, the more they can be in control of their future.They can be free from financial burdens and then the exciting on their dreams such as home ownership, starting a business, planning a comfortable retirement or taking a really nice vacation.
Get Smart With Money
Would you like free help with money?
  • Join us at the South San Francisco Main Library Auditorium
  • Saturdays, April 21, 28 and May 5, 12, and 19
  • Call us to save a seat (650) 829-3871
  • Refreshments will be served and there is a chance to win $125
**This program is funded by a grant from Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Helping Clients with Asset Building
With the help of financial management workshops, saver workshops, and financial coaches, clients can:
  • Learn to budget and create a savings plan
  • Learn how to control debt
  • Save for college for themselves or a child
  • Save to buy a home
  • Save to start a business
  • And more...
Don't miss out on this opportunity!This project empowers our clients to make sound financial decisions in their lives.
You can become a financial coach or client.Contact us at (650) 829-3871 or send us an email to .

Tool Kit
Please check our website regularly.We will be uploading new resources and tools for you to use.