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CERT Basic Training:
  • The South San Francisco Fire Department offers a CERT Basic Training program which covers how to be better prepared, respond and recover from a disaster.  
 CERT Basic Training program graduates who meet city requirements can volunteer to join CERT as members.  CERT members meet monthly to train and practice together.
  • When emergencies happen, CERT members apply the knowledge and skills learned to aid those in their immediate area until help arrives.  When help does arrive, CERTs provide useful information and assistance to responders as directed at the disaster site. 
  • CERTs help with non-emergency projects in our community.  Recent projects include distribution of safety and disaster education materials and support during community events such as fairs, fun runs, and other local events.  
  • In addition to the regular CERTs, there is also a CERT amateur radio (HAM radio) group who practice and train to support our city's first responders during emergencies.

How to Join:

If you are interested in attending the CERT Basic Training program or joining the SSF CERT Volunteers please contact the CERT information hotline at (650) 829-4336