About the Training Division

training2_thumb.jpgThe Training Chief's office is located in Fire Administration at 480 N. Canal St, just below Station 61. 

Training Facilities
Much of the department’s training takes place in the training tower, to the rear of station 61, which consist of over 6000 sq. ft. of training space in an all-steel building.   This location is where firefighters hone there skills in emergency scene management.  Firefighters regularly practice scenarios ranging from various types of structure fires, hazardous materials events, technical rescue and automobile extrication. Due to the wide variety of emergencies faced by the department, training also takes place in the community. Skills are tested and developed in unique environments and training like wildland, firefighting and water rescue occur. 

EMS Training
The Training Division also assists the EMS division with training in emergency patient care, and CPR and EMT certifications. South San Francisco firefighters participate daily in ongoing training to maintain skill levels and to keep all certifications current.