Training Tower

training towerFire Department Training Tower
The training tower consists of over 6000 sq. ft. of training space in an all-steel building.  The facility is designed to represent a 1- or 2-story single family residence with garage, a 2-story residence over commercial, a 2-story apartment complex with stairway balcony access, and a 5-story high rise.  Each burn room has two or more access points via multiple stairways and doorways.

Facility Features
Detail features include:
  • Three roof types (pitched, flat, and parapet) with five roof ventilation props.
  • A 5-story elevator shaft for confined space training.
  • Exterior opening on 5th floor for high angle rope rescue training.
  • Balconies on 2nd through 5th floors for fire attack and rescue training.
  • Two forcible entry doors with adjustable tensioners.
  • Dry standpipe system in high-rise stairwell.
  • Multiple anchor points for rope rescue training.
The Fire Props
The exterior prop is a 100 square foot base divided into four individually controlled zones capable of over 3 million BTU’s.   Three props (250 gallon upright propane tank with “pop-off” effect, 500 gallon horizontal tank with running fuel effect, and a flammable liquid storage locker) can be placed on the base for various firefighting challenges.

The interior props includes:  
  • Stove prop with two individually controlled fires; a single stage range hood, and a two-stage stove top on the first floor. 
  •  A bed fire with wall fire and a rollover effect on the 2nd floor.
  • Storage prop with typical boxes and shelves in garage.
  • Laboratory prop on fourth floor of high rise. 
All fire props can be operated from a central control room, or with wireless remote pendants.  Each burn room has ventilation, temperature and gas sensing systems, emergency stops, and smoke generation.