CPTF Events

Sep 2016        Francisco Terrace Clean-up & Tree Planting Event
May 2016        E-Waste Event - St. 61
Apr. 2016        Paradise Valley Clean-up & Tree Planting Event

 Jan. 2016       E-Waste Event - St. 61
Nov. 2015      Bay Trail Clean-up Event
Oct. 2015       Downtown Clean-up Event/3rd & 4th Lanes
Jun. 2015       E-Waste Recycling Event

 Apr. 2015      Downtown Clean-up Event
Jan. 2015       W. Winston Manor Clean-up & Tree Planting 
Jan. 2015       E-Waste Recycling Event
Nov. 2014       Linden Ave. Clean-up & Tree Planting Event
July 2014        E-Waste Recycling Event
Jun. 2014       Airport Blvd. Clean-up & Tree Planting Event
Mar. 2014       Paradise Valley Clean-up & Tree Planting Event

Jan. 2014       E-Waste Recycling Event

July 2013        Airport Blvd. Clean-up & Tree Planting Event

May 2013       E-Waste Recycling Event
Mar. 2013      Colma Creek Clean-up & Tree Planting Event

Jan. 2013       E-Waste Recycling Event

July  2012      Colma Creek Clean-up & Tree Planting Event

Mar. 2012       E-Waste Recycling Event
Feb. 2012       Colma Creek Clean-up & Tree Planting Event

Nov. 2011       E-Waste Recycling Event

Mar. 2011       Colma Creek Clean-up & Tree Planting Event

Jan. 2011        E-Waste Recycling Event

Mar. 2010        Information Fair & Barbecue

Apr. 2010        E-Waste Recycling Event

Nov. 2009        Bay Trail Clean-up

Feb. 2009        E- Waste Recycling Event

Nov. 2008       Francisco Terrace Neighborhood Clean-up 

May 2008       West Winston Manor Information Fair

Feb. 2008       E-Waste Recycling Event

Nov. 2007       Mayfair Village Clean-up

June 2007      Juniper, Cedar & 9th Lane Clean-up

Feb. 2007       E-Waste Recycling Event

June 2006       Village Way Clean-up

May 2004        Willow Gardens Spring Clean-up

April 2004        Renovation of 501 Hillside Sponsored by Rebuiliding Together
                       Citizen Action Team (CAT) established

Feb. 2004        CPTF volunteers working with Code Enforcement to address
                       community complaints.

Nov. 2003         Randolph Ave. Fall Clean-up co-sponsored by Hothra
                       (Historic Old Town Homeowners & Renters Assoc.)

Nov. 2003         A, B & C Street Fall Clean-up

April 2003         Armour/Olive Spring Clean-up

Feb. 2003         Breakfast with the Mayor
                       Meeting with SSF business owners/managers (Spanish)    

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