Voucher Programs

About the Programs

The City administers two voucher programs that make grants available to homeowners who meet certain income qualifications and eligibility requirements. Vouchers are used only for emergency situations and for limited amounts of money when the usual loan process is prohibitively expensive or too time consuming to clear up an emergency situation.

Emergency Home Repair Vouchers

Provides extremely-low, very-low, and low income homeowners a grant of up to $2,500 to clear up code violations that are issued by Code Enforcement or to make emergency home repairs such as broken sewer lines, roof repairs, broken windows, etc.  

Debris Box Vouchers

Provides extremely-low, very-low, and low income homeowner a free debris box to clear code violations that are issued by Code Enforcement or for emergency clean ups. Debris box vouchers are targeted for the cleanup of conditions that affect the health, safety or appearance of properties.


Emergency Home Repair Voucher Application
Emergency Home Repair Voucher Application - Espanol
Debris Box Voucher Application
Debris Box Voucher Application - Espanol
Contact Info
(650) 829-6620
400 Grand Avenue
South San Francisco, CA 94080

2015 Income Limits

One $65,700
Two $75,100
Three $84,500
Four $93,850
Five $101,400
Six $108,900
Seven $116,400
Eight or more $123,900