Abandoned Vehicles on Public Roadways

Abandoned VehicleM.C. 11.40.160
M.C. 11.40.160 Use of streets for storage of vehicle prohibited:
(a) It is unlawful for any person who owns or has possession of any motor vehicle to park such vehicle upon any public street, lane, or parking lot for more that a consecutive period of seventy-two hours.

(b) In the event a vehicle is parked or left standing upon a public street, lane, or parking lot in excess of a consecutive period of seventy-two hours, any employee of the police department. Authorized by the chief of police, may remove the vehicle from the street in the manner and subject to the requirements of the Vehicle Code. (Ord. 1109/2(part), 1992)

In summary, vehicles cannot be parked on the public street for more than 72-hours! The Police Department issues courtesy notices to vehicles that are suspected of being "abandoned." Officers also chalk the tires, obtain an odometer reading, and measure the location of the car on the street. The mere pushing or rolling of the vehicle does not constitute "moving." Help fight blight and keep our neighborhoods clean!

Abandoned Vehicle Hotline: Call (650) 829-3939 to report any abandoned vehicles on public property. We will investigate your report promptly.