Property/Evidence FAQ's

Evidence FAQ's
Q1: The police arrested the person who stole my property and are holding it. When can I get my property back?
Your recovered property is evidence of the crime and will assist in the prosecution of the suspect. When the court case is concluded, the District Attorney's Office will notify us and we will notify you by letter when your property can be returned.

Q2: During a domestic disturbance with my spouse, police officers came to our house. They took my two rifles when they left. When can I get my guns back?
Your guns were most likely taken for Safekeeping. If you are the legal owner of the guns, they may be returned to you after you receive clearance from the Department of Justice. Your Rights with regard to this are defined on the "Property Receipt/Notice of Rights" that was given to you at the time the officer took your guns.

Q3: When I tried to get my guns back, I was told they could not be released to me. Why?
Assuming that the firearms are legal to possess, there are various reasons why your guns cannot be returned. By law, there are persons who are forbidden from owning or possessing firearms, including persons identified as the "restrained person" in a Restraining Order", those convicted of certain misdemeanors and felonies, as well as victims of certain mental illnesses or disorders Additionally, if the firearm was used in the commission or attempted commission of a felony by the owner, the weapon will be disposed of. If your weapon was seized the Superior Court may issue an order to destroy the weapon. If the owner is forbidden from owning or possessing the firearm, but it is not ordered destroyed, arrangements can be made for the owner to sell the firearm to another person through a licensed gun dealer.

Q4: During what hours can I come to the Police Department to reclaim my property?
Appointments are required in order to pick up your property. Phone the Property/ Evidence unit at (650) 877-8924 between 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday through Thursday to set an appointment.