Mission Statement
The South San Francisco City Clerk's Office strives to be a vital part of local government and is committed to serving as the link between residents, local governing bodies, and agencies of government at other levels. The City Clerk's Office pledges to be ever mindful of its neutrality and impartiality with respect to local government matters and to place service of the public as its first priority.

The City Clerk's Office is the people's front-line interface with local government. Our dedication to residents secures our commitment to being your liaison at City Hall.

The City Clerk is elected to a four-year term and holds a full-time salaried position that holds the following responsibilities:
  • Serving as the archivist of City records
  • Providing public information and responding to requests for public record information
  • Certifying and distributing ordinances and resolutions as appropriate and/or legally required
  • Publishing and posting legal notices
  • Processing claims and lawsuits
  • Maintaining and distributing the South San Francisco Municipal Code
  • Serving as the filing officer for Campaign Expenditure Statements that are required to be filed by candidates in municipal elections and Statements of Economic Interests filed by public officials and designated employees
  • Serving as Clerk of the Council
  • Administering municipal elections
  • Maintaining rosters, agendas, minutes, attendance records, applications, and oaths for the City's boards and commissions
  • Acting as custodian of the City seal