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What is the Reader Leader Program?
The Reader Leader Program is a peer tutoring program that matches elementary school children entering 1st to 5th grades (READERS) with middle or high school students (LEADERS) for one-on-one reading sessions.
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The program takes place during a six week period in the summer at both the Main Library and the Grand Avenue Branch Library. The program will begin on June 13 and finish on August 6. Leaders will be trained in the week leading up to June 13.

Readers are children who are below grade level in their reading skills. Teachers must provide a note stating that the child is reading below grade level and is eligible for the program.

What Happens in the Reader Leader Program?
Readers and leaders are asked to meet for a minimum of six sessions throughout the summer. Sessions are usually one hour a week for six weeks.

Each leader is assigned a child to work with (a reader) from the file of reader applications. The leader will call the reader’s parent/guardian to arrange a meeting at the Main or Grand Avenue Library during designated time periods. Because of the limited availability of leaders, not all readers will be matched immediately.

How Can I Apply For the Reader Leader Program?
Parents are asked to complete a registration form and an information release form and provide a teacher's note that states the child is reading below grade level. Forms may be printed from the link below, obtained from your child’s teacher, or picked-up at either branch. If you are not able to obtain a teacher’s note, a report card is also valid. Forms may be submitted to either branch.

Reader Application (English)

Reader Application (Spanish)

Teacher Referral Form
If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to contact us at any time at (650) 829-3860.
Si tiene preguntas, por favor llame al (650) 877-8530.

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