Get Involved

Looking for a rewarding volunteer experience? The Community Learning Center is currently seeking volunteers to help with:
  • After school homework programs
  • Adult English classes
  • Adult computer classes and drop-in labs
  • Creative activities for children
  • Office work
Click HERE to fill out our Online Volunteer Form Application

The City of South San Francisco, currently funds 50% of the Community Learning Center's budget. The remainder of our budget must be raised from other sources. Consider the annual results achieved by your contribution:
  • $1,000 will subsidize staffing for activities for children while parents are taking classes
  • $500 will purchase materials for our homework assistance programs
  • $250 will sponsor the training of volunteers
  • $100 will support the purchase of software for our computer lab
  • $25 will finance English language learning supplies
Please invest in our community by sending in your tax-deductible donation of any amount to the Community Learning Center. Donations may be made online using PayPal, or mailed to the Community Learning Center, 520 Tamarack Lane, South San Francisco, CA 94080. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Providing Services and Products
The Community Learning Center welcomes donations of services such as printing, advertising, technical assistance, etc. Products in good conditions such as computers, office supplies, children's books, etc. are appreciated. Businesses and individuals willing to contribute should contact (650) 877-8540.

Referring People to Our Program
Please inform South San Francisco residents and workers about our numerous services. In addition, we encourage you to tell people about volunteer opportunities available at the Community Learning Center.