Local History

Local History Articles
Articles focusing on different era's, significant figures and landmarks in South San Francisco.

South San Francisco History Collection
The History Collection includes local yearbooks, newspapers, phone books, historical photos and much more. The History Collection is not open to the public. Call (650) 877-8530 or e-mail us for more information. 

History of South San Francisco
A summary of the History of the City of South San Francisco including the founding of the City.

Historic Preservation
The Historic Preservation page includes information on historic landmarks in South San Francisco including information on how to take a tour of the landmarks.

Bits of History
Bits of History is a historical photograph collection for San Mateo County focusing mostly on buildings and/or sites. You can visit the South San Francisco portion of the site or search by topic.

Shades of South San Francisco
Shades of California - South San Francisco, is a historical photograph collection focusing mostly on residents.  Photographs were donated to the Library by local residents and digitized to be shared with the community. 

From Sign Hill to DNA Way: South San Francisco
From Sign Hill to DNA Way: South San Francisco includes photographs, posters, brochures and other materials dating from the city’s incorporation in 1908 to its centennial celebration in 2008.  Many of the 200 digital objects in this collection document the city’s industrial roots as well as changes in industry over the century.  Many downtown street scenes and small businesses are also included.