Water Quality Control Plant


About the Plant

Located adjacent to San Francisco Bay on Colma Creek, this facility provides secondary wastewater treatment for the cities of South San Francisco, San Bruno, and Colma. It also provides the dechlorination treatment of chlorinated effluent for the cities of Burlingame, Millbrae, and the San Francisco International Airport prior to discharging the treated wastewater into San Francisco Bay. The average dry weather flow through the facility is 9 million gallons per day (MGD). Peak wet weather flows can exceed 60 MGD.


The Water Quality Control Plant underwent a $47 million facility upgrade in 2000. Another $45 million was spent in 2004 for additional improvements to the facility including construction of a 7 million-gallon effluent storage pond and reconstruction of two large pump stations. Even with these and further planned capital improvements projects, the citizens of South San Francisco enjoy one of the lowest domestic sewer rates in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Water Quality Control Plant processes wastewater discharged from the Cities of South San Francisco, San Bruno and the Town of Colma. The Public Works Department’s Environmental Compliance inspectors administer a Pretreatment Program and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program mandated by the State of California. The two Programs regulate and control the concentrations of wastewater and storm water pollutants discharged by industrial, commercial and residential dischargers. Pollution Prevention information is distributed to residents as well as businesses within the service area. Included in this Public Outreach Program is a school presentation offered to third and fourth-grade classes within the South San Francisco Unified School District and private schools as well. For more information, please contact us at (650) 829-3848.