Values & Objectives

The Human Resources Department's mission is to anticipate and respond to the diverse needs of employees, their families, departments, and the public by providing quality customer-oriented services and resources; assist staff in accomplishing their goals and objectives in a safe, professional, efficient, organized, creative, and cooperative manner; establish and maintain professional, progressive, equitable and consistent personnel procedures in accordance with federal, state, local, and City rules, regulations, procedures, and requirements; attract, retain, promote, and reward qualified and competent persons based on merit and fitness.

The City of South San Francisco values diversity in its workforce and is committed to actively pursuing a program of equal employment and non-discrimination.

Human Resources Department Vision and Values
Our vision for the Human Resources Department of the City of South San Francisco is to anticipate and respond to the diverse needs of our customers, promoting progressive and innovative practices, while providing personal and individualized support.

We value:
  • Respect: We respect the individuals and the community in which we serve. We strive to promote an environment where service, creativity, persistence, risk-taking, patience, caring, and the desire to contribute is appreciated and rewarded.
  • Honesty, Equity, and Fairness: We strive to provide service in a truthful, fair, consistent, and professional manner and to provide equal treatment of the citizens, employees, and applicants of the City of South San Francisco. We appreciate the diversity of opinions and actions of our colleagues and coworkers and will be supportive of their endeavors.
  • Efficiency: We strive to provide accurate responses and services to every customer's needs and to provide those services in a timely, cost effective, and streamlined manner. We strive to provide the right answer the first time!
  • Cooperation and Facilitation: We strive to recognize and reduce service and information barriers. We strive to create partnerships wherever possible and to develop and maintain collaborative relationships. Our goal is to provide a vital link between this community and its work force by being a conduit for the exchange of information and ideas.
  • Open Communication: We strive to cultivate a work climate where open communication is encouraged and ideas and information are shared across positions, divisions, departments, and functions.
  • Learning and Education: We strive to build an environment that fosters and rewards continuous learning and education through programs that enrich employees' professional.
  • A Positive Environment: By fostering harmony in our daily endeavors, we strive to make our workplace the right place to be and a good place to be. We will take our work seriously, but ourselves lightly.
  • Our Jobs and the City of South San Francisco: We affirm the dignity and worth of our jobs and of this City. We strive to make each day and each action count in providing service to our customer.
  • Develop and institute a City-wide leadership academy program to train (or update) all levels of management in supervisory, leadership and management skills.
  • Streamline recruitment and examination procedures to reduce vacancy periods, be cost-effective, and attract qualified and diverse candidates.
  • Implement a structured and systematic classification plan to ensure completeness, accuracy, and consistency.
  • Foster a work environment which values cooperation over unilateral decision making and collaboration over conflict.
  • Update and revise the Central Safety Committee's scope and responsibilities to ensure timely and appropriate response to workplace health and safety concerns/issues.
  • Develop and implement just-in-time training program.