Traffic Calming Program

The City of South San Francisco developed a Traffic Advisory Committee (TAC) in 2002 to address traffic complaints from residents and business owners.  The TAC is comprised of representatives of the City’s Planning Division, Engineering Division, Public Works Department, Fire Department, and Police Department.
A large percentage of these complaints were specifically related to excessive speeding, cut-through traffic, public safety, and high vehicular volumes.  The TAC has employed several solutions over the last few years to address these issues.  These solutions did not always resolve the specific issues, taxed other City department resources, or only provided a short-term solution.

The City of South San Francisco Traffic Calming Program was developed to provide policies and procedures that will act as guidelines to help the TAC address traffic complaints related to excessive speeding, cut-through traffic, and high vehicular volumes while maintaining pedestrian and vehicular safety.  These guidelines are primarily intended to be used by the TAC, residents, and business owners interested in developing traffic calming plans, and may also be helpful for members of the general public that are interested in finding out how the City of South San Francisco implements traffic calming. 

The Traffic Calming Program includes: 
  • A description of the process for residents and business owners to request traffic calming plans.
  • A description of the prioritization process for selecting projects within a given time frame and/or budget.
  • A toolbox of traffic calming measures.
  • As needed, this Traffic Calming Program will be a living document, undergoing changes over time.