How to Apply

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To Apply for a Current Opening
Request an announcement and application by leaving your name and address on the job line (650-829-6699) or stop by in person to pick up the application materials.  You can also notify us of your interest by emailing us; we will then put that information into a notification database.

The Hiring Process
This information is designed to help you understand the hiring process, and then guide you through each step in the selection process. While the hiring process may be lengthy, it ensures fairness and objectivity in selecting talented people to serve the citizens of South San Francisco.

Review the current job announcements and decide which job to apply for. Fill out and submit a formal City application form and attach any other required materials as listed on the job announcement. With a completed application, a resume may also be attached.

Application forms are downloaded as a PDF file. You can either print the application and complete it off-line OR complete the application on-line and then print and sign it. Please complete the employment application and check for errors before signing the form. You cannot submit this form on-line. Mail or deliver completed applications and all other materials where required (i.e. supplemental questionnaire/certification) to the address shown below.

Submit the application before the deadline! (Check the job announcement for the final filing date.) The Human Resources Department will only accept applications received before the deadline, and for job classifications currently being announced. A separate application is required for each job interested in. Submit application materials to:

City of South San Francisco
Human Resources Department
400 Grand Avenue
P.O. Box 711
South San Francisco, CA 94083
(650) 877-8522

If address or phone numbers change after an application is submitted, notify the Human Resources Department of the change. Without current address and phone numbers, your notices may be sent to the wrong address.

When completing an application, please

  • be thorough
  • be truthful
  • be clear - type or print carefully; checking spelling and grammar
  • be specific; don't leave anything blank
  • do not write "see resume" (although you may attach a resume as additional information)
  • include volunteer experience, if applicable
  • sign and date it.


Minimum Qualifications
Most City jobs require job-related education, training, or experience. The specific requirements for the position are stated on the job announcement. Minimum qualifications are used to ensure that individuals have the potential to be successful on the job.

Applications are evaluated after the final filing date has passed or if open until filled or continuous, at periodic intervals. This evaluation/assessment determines whether the materials submitted demonstrate that the applicant meets the qualifications for the job. If the qualifications are met, the candidate will be notified as to when and where the next step in the selection process will occur. Applicants who do not meet the qualifications will be notified as well. The City always often considers only those candidates who best meet the required language qualifications.

This is the foundation of the City's hiring process, and it allows each candidate to demonstrate basic knowledges, skills, and abilities that are required to perform the job.

Applicants will be notified of each step in the selection process if it has been determined to consider them further. Notification will include the date, time, and location of the exam, the type of examination, and a contact person for questions prior to the exam.

Some job classifications may have a single exam. Others may have two or more different testing phases. If there is more than one test phase, candidates must pass one exam before moving on to the next exam. Overall results are based on the weighted scores of the different test phases. Generally, the weighting is listed on the job announcement.

Test Scores
The test results determine each candidate's standing, among those who have passed all test phases for that job.

"Eligible Lists" are comprised of persons who have met all the qualification tests and are eligible to be hired. Each candidate's name is placed on an eligible list according to standing or rank. Candidates will be notified by mail of test results.

Eligible lists are valid for certain lengths of time; then they expire. If still interested, but not selected for a position by the time the list expires, then reapply for the position when it becomes open. Lists are valid for 12 months, but can be extended for up to two years.

Selection Interviews
Once on an eligible list, a candidate can be considered for hiring. When a vacancy occurs, the names and applications of the top ranked candidates are submitted to the department for consideration. The hiring department will fill a vacancy by reviewing the applications and interviewing the appropriate candidates on the list. The department contacts those selected for interview. Departments with the vacancy do their own interviewing and hiring. For that reason, if there are questions regarding an interview or the results of an interview, contact the hiring department.

Once selected, and a candidate accepts the offer, the final steps of the hiring process take place. Before beginning work, the candidate must pass a medical examination, provided free of charge by the City; present proof of eligibility to work in the United States; be fingerprinted; and attend an orientation session (typically on the first day of work) to learn about City rules and employee benefits, sign appointment papers, and take a verbal oath of office.

Once on board, a candidate's name is removed from the eligible list for this job classification.

Pre-Employment Reference Checking and Background Checks:

All candidates selected for employment with the City of South San Francisco are required to take a pre-employment physical, including a Tuberculosis test; be fingerprinted, take an oath of allegiance, and have a background check done prior to beginning work.

The City has seven bargaining units or associations. They are:

  • AFSCME Local 1569 (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees), who represents clerical, parks, maintenance, street, and dispatch workers.
  • IAFF Local 1507 (International Association of Firefighters), representing all positions in the Fire Department from Firefighter to Fire Captain.
  • Police Association, representing Police Officer to Police Sergeant, as well as non-sworn police positions.
  • International Union of Operating Engineers, Stationary Engineers Local No. 39, AFL-CIO, represents the water quality control plant workers.
  • Mid-Management Employees; this association represents the management employees of the City.
  • Public Safety Managers; this association represents the public safety management staff, which includes Fire Battalion Chief up to Police Captain.
  • Confidential Employees, Teamster Local 856, representing the secretarial positions in the City.
  • Executive Management, including all Department Heads.


Employment with the City is governed by a Civil Service/Merit System. The Personnel Rules and Regulations facilitate efficient and economical services to the public and provide for a fair, and equitable system for personnel management.