suppression_thumb.jpg Fire Suppression
The South San Francisco Fire Department has firefighters and paramedics located in five different fire stations throughout the city, allowing for the best possible response time to incidents within that station’s respective still district.  The department is dispatched to a variety of incidents:  structure fires, hazardous materials, medical calls, traffic accidents, confined space, etc.  To listen to the activity of the South San Francisco Fire Department or any other department in San Mateo County you can log onto

Fire Stations
Fire stations are located at 480 N. Canal Street (Central), 249 Harbor Way (Station 62), 33 Arroyo Drive (Station 63), 2350 Galway (Station 64), and 1151 South San Francisco Drive (Station 65).  Station 61 and Station 63 are staffed with both an engine company and an ambulance.  Each engine company is staffed with a fire captain, fire apparatus engineer and a paramedic/firefighter and each ambulance has two paramedic/firefighters.  

Each fire station is set up to serve as a home away from home for the firefighters who work what is called a two/four schedule.  They work for two days (48 hours) and then are off for four days.  Since they “live” at the fire station during that time, they have a kitchen, dormitory, day room, and an office area to enter reports from incidents and inspections that they complete.