Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for life safety issues and code enforcement. The division is involved with construction, occupancy inspections, public education, fire investigations as well as all fire protection systems. Quality of life issues involving the residential community, the commercial and industrial establishments are addressed actively. The division also inspects for smoke detector installations as required when homes are transferred or sold.

Fire Inspections
Fire inspections ensure that buildings and fire protection systems are built according to the applicable codes and are maintained. Egress is of special interest for the fire department as well as access to building. Fire prevention is also responsible for issuing fire construction permits, performing fire plan checks and inspections. Fire construction permits are required to construct, alter, modify or repair a fire protection system. Fire protection systems include fire sprinklers, fire alarms, and other systems.

Code Enforcement
The division also handles Municipal Code enforcement. Violations most often include zoning, community preservation, illegal construction, litter/garbage, fire hazards, vehicles and animal/noise violations. A "Community Preservation Task Force" is spearheaded by fire prevention and is composed of city departments, businesses, homeowners associations and citizen volunteers that in partnership eliminate trash and litter within the city. (For more information on code enforcement, visit our code enforcement page on this website).