CERT Information

Mission Statement
To protect my family, friends and neighbors from the effects of fires, medical emergencies, accidents, hazardous materials incidents, acts of terrorism or hazards created by violations of the municipal codes through the assistance I and other CERT team members offer to the South San Francisco Fire Department in its efforts to respond to and mitigate emergency incidents or unsafe conditions.
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The South San Francisco Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) welcomes adult volunteers interested in supporting our community in the event of an emergency or disaster. 
  • Each member of the team completes the CERT Basic Training program which covers how to be better prepared for, respond to and recover from a disaster.  
  • Training program graduates can become a member of the SSF CERT who meet monthly to train, work together, and practice.  CERT operates under the guidance of the SSF Fire Department.

General information about how you and your family can be better prepared for a disaster: