Graffiti Abatement

West Orange Memorial ParkGraffiti on public or private property is a blighting factor which both depreciates the value of property which has been the target of such vandalism, and also depreciates the value of the adjacent and surrounding properties.  It has a negative impact upon the entire community as well.

The Graffiti Abatement Program is designed to prevent and control the spread of graffiti within the City and to provide for removal of graffiti from walls and structures on both public and private property in a timely manner. Graffiti should be reported to the Police Department (650) 877-8900 where a Police Report will be made and kept on record for evidence. 

A graffiti notice will be left at the address advising that the graffiti must be removed within 48 hours or City forces will remove it in the most efficient manner of their choice, at no cost to the property owner.

We encourage citizens to report graffiti and help us keep the City and its public areas clean.