Spray Crew / Weeds

Weed Abatement

Weeds are fire and health hazards especially during certain times of the year. The City of South San Francisco has established a Weed Abatement Program in which certain public areas of the City will be trimmed and cleaned by the Parks and Streets Divisions. These areas are abated on a seasonal basis and some areas are scheduled on a regular basis by the use of weed whackers, mowers, hand equipment and in some cases larger equipment. Weed removal is required by State of California and local laws and regulations. Property owners are required to keep their property weed free, especially in front, back, and side yards of homes, and abutting sidewalks. Vacant lots must be kept weed free. Weed abatement issues are managed by the Code Enforcement Division of the Fire Department.


Report weeds on public, commercial, and private property
Code Enforcement Division
(650) 829-6645

Weed blight complaint hotline

(650) 829-7222 ext. 1111

Private property owners will be contacted and warned to remove weeds on their property. Owners who do not comply with weed removal can be cited, fined and/or assessed the cost of weed removal by City crews with a lien placed against their property.