Ball Fields

Orange Park Baseball Field
The Park Division maintains (8) City baseball fields (5) S.S.F. Unified School District baseball fields (2) City soccer fields and (2) S.S.F. Unified School District soccer fields. Irrigation on all fields is checked and repaired by our crew. Holes that develop in the fields are due to heavy usage and must be filled in order to prevent a tripping hazard. The lawns are mowed weekly and fertilized four times a year. The backstops, bleachers and fences are kept clean and in good shape. Due to the large number of teams that use our sports fields, this is a year-round job.

Parks Maintenance Division: (650) 829-3837

Designated Ballfields

Orange Memorial Park
(781 Tennis Drive)
Baseball-Bryant Field
Softball-Fregosi Field

Westborough Park
(2380 Galway Drive at Westborough Boulevard)

Alta Loma Park
(450 Camaritas Avenue)
Rozzi Field-by Camaritas Entrance
Niccolopolous Field-by Picnic Area

Avalon Park
(377 Dorado Way)

Brentwood Park
(Rosewood Way and Briarwood Drive)

Buri Buri Park
(200 Block of Arroyo)

Hillside Athletic Field
(1400 Hillside Boulevard)

Paradise Valley Park
(Hillside Boulevard and Spruce Avenue)

Designated Soccer Fields
Orange Memorial Park
(781 Tennis Drive) Hillside Athletic Field
(1400 Hillside Boulevard)