Park Maintenance


The Parks Department is in charge of cleaning and maintaining the city's parks, playgrounds, sports fields, and other landscaping.

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A total of 11 workers are assigned to maintain the parks, play lots, and sports fields. They perform the following work:
  • Restrooms are cleaned and stocked on a daily basis
  • Trash is picked up daily
  • Playground equipment is inspected for any safety issues or concerns
  • Lawns are mowed, weeded
  • Bushes, hedges, and small trees are trimmed
  • Dead plants are replaced to beautify our parks
  • Benches, tables, and wooden structures are repaired and repainted as needed
  • Fences are kept up to park standards
  • Our crew makes the best attempt to clean our parks when they are vandalized or sprayed with graffiti.

Reservations for private parties can be made at the South San Francisco Department of Parks and Recreation at (650) 829-3800.

Questions or complaints regarding any park facility can be made to Park Maintenance at (650) 829-3837.

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