Building Permit Process

Process Steps
The permit counter at the Permit Center is operated by staff from the following divisions: 
The Building Division staff reviews plans and applications for completeness. They enter project information into a computer system through which Permit Center staff can access information.

After this, the Building Division staff determines the proper routing for the application. Applications for simple projects, such as building a small deck or shed, can sometimes be approved at the Permit Center. Applications for more complex projects, such as commercial or larger projects, must be routed by the City to the appropriate departments or agencies within the City government.

Once all approvals are obtained, the Building Division notifies the applicant who then pays for and receives the permit at the Center. The time necessary for the plan review depends upon the number of reviews required and the complexity of the project.

Permit Center staff can also approve permits after plan checks have been submitted. The applicant should pay all fees at the time of submittal.

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