Downtown Revitalization

Problems with Graffiti
  • Graffiti Removal Street Department - (650) 877-8550
  • Police Department - (650) 877-8900
Illegal graffiti is bad for our community. It makes the area look ugly and it can serve as a marker for local gangs. The same goes for quality of life crimes like public urination, littering, loud music, etc. It is important to call the police when quality of life crimes take place in your neighborhood. They might not be able to make it to your store right away due to another emergency but they will follow up. By calling the police, you have helped them gather more information about who is causing trouble in the downtown area.

ADA Requirements

Have you been sued over ADA requirements? Contact the City of South San Francisco about information on these requirements and some of the scams that have been plaguing our small business community. We can mail you a free informational packet. Please call (650) 829-6620.