Project NEAT

Project NEATProject NEAT (Neighborhood Enhancement Action Team) is a juvenile diversion program for youths between 12 and 17 years old. Those who participate in Project NEAT work one eight-hour Saturday picking up trash, cleaning weeds, or other similar labor-type work. The work is performed in various locations throughout South San Francisco. Project NEAT helps reduce recidivism and helps our neighborhoods too!

There are three ways a juvenile can participate in Project NEAT:
  1. A juvenile is arrested for a minor offense in SSF,
  2. A juvenile receives a minor traffic violation in SSF, or
  3. A parent or school official (in SSF) believes Project NEAT would be a more beneficial form of discipline than other alternatives
To qualify for Project NEAT, juveniles must live in South San Francisco, San Bruno, Daly City, or Brisbane, except for traffic violation offenders, and the offense must be their first- those on probation cannot participate. The juvenile must also admit guilt for their offense and be remorseful.

If the above conditions are met, the juvenile and his or her parent or guardian will meet with the program coordinator and discuss the program's expectations. If the juvenile successfully completes Project NEAT, prosecution will not be sought for the offense for which they were referred.

The program does have a fee: $50 for criminal or parent/school official referral, and $75 for traffic referrals. For more information about Project NEAT, please call (650) 829-3931.