Project HERO

Project HEROThe question the South San Francisco Police Department is trying to answer is, "How do we keep young juveniles in our community from choosing the wrong direction in life?"

The SSFPD has numerous programs they have developed and are currently in use. Programs such as G.R.E.A.T. (Gang Resistance Education and Training), Police Athletic League, Project N.E.A.T., and Adopt-A-School, just to name a few. These programs are to keep juveniles from making bad decisions and an attempt to keep them out of the juvenile justice system.

Project H.E.R.O. (Help Eliminate Repeat Offenders) was developed in order to give juveniles that are on probation in our community a positive role model in their life in order to keep them from making poor decisions that could result in them not fulfilling their potential.

Project H.E.R.O. brings the SSFPD, The San Mateo County Probation Department, and the Judicial System together in order to work with juveniles in our community. Project H.E.R.O. is a mentoring program that uses police officers as mentors for juvenile offenders. Our philosophy is to try to catch juveniles doing something right, and to come up with alternatives to incarceration.

Project H.E.R.O.
is the first of it's kind in the Bay Area and SSFPD is the only police department that is participating in the program. In order to properly evaluate Project H.E.R.O., Pacifica Graduate School of Psychology is conducting a comprehensive study of all of those involved, to include the juveniles, their families, and the police officers, in order to validate the project.

If you would like to know more information on this program, contact Sergeant Hancock, (650) 877-8900 of the South San Francisco Police Department.