Communications LogoSouth San Francisco Communications Center
The South San Francisco Communications Center exists to translate citizen 9-1-1 and non-emergency service requests into the appropriate action and dispatch police, fire, medical and other city services via telephone, radio, and/or data communications.

The Communications Center provides 24-hour answering of all emergency and non-emergency police, fire, and medical calls (including 911 and non-emergency telephone service for the hearing and speech impaired). There is a direct link to the AT&T Language Line. As a state funded 911 program, AT&T Language Line provides our center with emergency translation for public safety in more that 140 languages and dialects.

The Communications Center continues to use state-of-the-art technology to provide fast and effective emergency communication services. Using sophisticated radio communication, mobile computers and a Computer Aided Dispatch and Records Management System, the Communications Center is able to process requests and expedites the dispatch of police and fire personnel in an emergency. In addition to providing useful management statistical information, our computer systems enable us to track hazardous locations and special information about a residence, which may pose a threat to the safety of the public or public safety personnel.

What We Do
Our 12-member 911 Team combines decades of dispatching experience with a commitment to customer service. We process over 100,000 phone calls each year, including 35,000 calls for service involving the dispatch of Police and Fire Department personnel. Our goal is to coordinate the city's resources to best address the needs of the citizens of South San Francisco. We are your first point of contact whether reporting an abandoned vehicle or a heart attack. We can direct you and your family to a wide variety of community services and agencies.