Plan Submittal Requirements

Plan Submittal Requirements- Residential and Commercial Projects

“Section A” below lists the minimum information required for most plan submittals.  Additional plan information that may be needed is listed in Section B.  The scope of your project should be reviewed with Building Division Staff and the appropriate items will be marked.

To initiate the plan review process, a Plan Check Application must be completed and submitted.

Based on the project valuation, a plan check fee will be collected at the time of submittal.


FIVE (5) COMPLETE SETS OF PLANS FOR COMMERCIAL; THREE (3) COMPLETE SETS FOR RESIDENTIAL ARE REQUIRED TO BE SUBMITTED WITH ALL APPLICATIONS FOR BUILDING PERMITS (NOTE:  IF YOU ARE SUBMITTING PLANS FOR AN ALTERATION THAT INCLUDES ADDITIONAL PLUMBING FIXTURES AND YOUR ADDRESS IS SERVICED BY THE WESTBOROUGH WATER DISTRICT, PLEASE SUBMIT 3 SETS OF PLANS TO THE WESTBROROUGH WATER DISTRICT); minimum paper size is 18” x 24”, maximum size is 30” X 42”.  You need only provide two (2) copies of soils reports, structural calculations, energy calculations, and other supporting documentation. *We accept electronic submittals for COMMERCIAL only by email: and karen.kinahan@ssf.netPlease be sure to attach the completed plan check application.   Contact the office with any questions (650-829-6670).
  1. TITLE BLOCK:  This should include such information as Owner’s name, Architect’s name, project address, type of construction, occupancy group, applicable code editions, sheet index, and any other relevant information.  *Note: All text to be horizontal in order to search the field
  2. A PLOT PLAN:  Fully dimensioned, showing property lines, contour lines, streets, driveways and locations of all buildings, easements and any off-street parking. For commercial projects show handicapped parking, curb ramps and signage and path of travel to primary entrance.
  3. A FOUNDATION PLAN:  Provide a fully dimensioned plan view of foundations and or piers showing existing conditions if they apply and connections at new to existing.  Also include details regarding of the width, depth, reinforcement, etc.  For slabs on grade show minimum 3½” thickness, gravel or sand sub-base, and vapor barrier.
  4. A FLOOR PLAN:  Show the size and intended use of all rooms, show type, sizes and locations of all doors and windows, furnace, water heater, kitchen details, bathroom fixtures, electrical outlets, switches and lighting; and smoke detectors.  For additions and alterations show an existing floor plan and all rooms adjoining the addition shall be fully dimensioned.
  5. STRUCTURAL DETAILS AND SECTIONS:  Clearly showing construction materials, sizes and attachments.  If standard plan is used (ICBO, SPA, etc), include copies of plan or report.  A standard plan may not be modified.
  6. TWO (2) EXTERIOR ELEVATIONS, indicating general appearance, windows, doors, finishes, roof covering, finish grade, etc.
  7. IN GENERAL:  Detail any special features, such as; stairway construction, attic ventilation, guardrails, fireplaces, balconies, bay windows, post and beams, trusses, etc.  Provide notes for any specification which cannot be detailed.
  8. FOR ALL BUILDINGS, OTHER THAN ACCESSORY BUILDINGS AND RESIDENTIAL OCCUPANCIES, LESS THAN 5 UNITS, AND 2 STORIES OR LESS IN HEIGHT: Plans shall be prepared and signed on each page by a licensed architect, building designer or a civil engineer.
  9.  FOR SINGLE-FAMILY RESIDENCES AND ACCESSORY BUILDINGS:  The person who drew the plans must sign all sheets.
Other Items Which May Be Required:
  • ROOF PLAN:  Show roof pitch, roofing materials, equipment, and skylights.
  • TRUSS CALCS:  Must be from the truss manufacturer.
  • WALL CONSTRUCTION:  provide details and describe materials used, note floor / ceiling attachments, finishes and wall insulation.
  • STRUCTURAL CALCULATIONS:  Wet stamped by the engineer.
  • REFLECTED CEILING PLAN:  Include all new relocated or existing lights, and switches for lighting, HVAC supply and return grilles, and exit signs.
  • ICBO REPORTS:  on materials, equipment, or manufacturer’s product installation requirements.
  • MECHANICAL PLAN:  System locations, distribution and HVAC specs.
  • PLUMBING PLAN: DWV isometric and calcs, Dimensioned gas isometric and calcs, Water isometric and calcs.
  • ELECTRICAL PLAN:  Single line schematic showing panels, conduit sizes, conductor sizes and grounding.  Panel schedules and load calcs.
  • PRIOR TO APPLICATION FOR BUILDING PERMITS:  Applicant must have an approved Site Development Planning file with the City of South San Francisco Planning Division for any multiple, commercial or industrial developments.
  • Applicants whose projects include food service facilities, must file a separate plan submittal with the San Mateo County Health Department; Environmental Division and obtain preliminary approval prior to submittal to us.  One set of stamped, approved plans from County Health are to be included with your submittal package.
  • Unless the work is done exclusively by the property owner or his immediate family, proof of workers’ compensation insurance coverage will be required.
  • All contractors must have current State Contractor’s license and City Business License.
  • All plan sheets shall be signed by the architect or engineer as applicable.
  • If a front addition is proposed, the owner shall confirm all setbacks and a licensed surveyor shall provide a letter to the city stating that the proposed addition will be built in compliance with the setbacks.
  • If the proposed addition is greater than 25% of the original floor plan, then the developer needs to have the sewer lateral videoed per City Ordinance No. 1453-2012 to determine if any repairs need to be done.


Requisitos para la Entrega de Planos

Proyectos Residenciales y Comércials
Bienvenido al South San Francisco Building Division. Esta información se la proveemos para asistirle en la preparación para entregar sus planos para que se sometan a ser repasados. En la Sección A, encontrara una lista con la mínima cantidad de información requerida para la mayoría de revisiones de planos. Información adicional que posiblemente pueda ser requerida esta detallada en la Sección B.

Para iniciar el proceso de revisión de planos, una aplicación para un permiso de construcción tendrá que ser llenada y entregada a la División.

Basándonos en la valuación del proyecto, un pago del 65% del costo del permiso de construcción será requerido al momento que entregue sus planos.