Parking Downtown

District Information

The City’s Parking Place Commission manages public parking in Downtown South San Francisco. The Commission meets on the second Tuesday of every month. Questions and concerns about parking in the Downtown area may be directed to the Public Works Department at 650-877-8550 or via email at


Our downtown offers on street meter parking, metered and daily permit parking in public lots and a 244 space parking garage. See below to find convenient short term and long-term parking options. 

Purchase a Parking Permit

In order to purchase a parking permit, please complete an application and submit to the Finance Department, 400 Grand Avenue. The Finance Department can be reached at 650-877-8505.
Parkingupdate_increase eff July 17 2017

Types of Permits

In addition to standard parking meters, three types of parking permits are available: Daily, Monthly & Annual

Daily Permits:

  • Purchase at ticket box at entrance of lot or at pay boxes within the garage
  • $3.00 per day ($1.50 in Miller Avenue Garage Only)
  • Not valid in metered stalls

Monthly & Annual Permits:

  • Purchase at Finance Department 400 Grand Avenue
  • $40.00 monthly permit ($20.00 in Miller Avenue Garage only. Effective August 1, 2017, Miller Avenue Garage monthly permits will increase to $30.00.)
  • $440.00 yearly permit ($220.00 in Miller Avenue Garage only)
  • If lost, new permit must be purchased
  • Hang on rearview mirror facing forward
  • Remove from rearview mirror before operating vehicle
  • Garage Permits only valid in space 100-244

Where Permits are Valid

Parking with a City-issued parking permit is allowed at parking lots number 2, 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14 and in the Miller Parking Garage (spaces 100-244). City permits are not valid in metered spaces. Any vehicle parked in an expired metered space (permit or not) shall be cited.