Peninsula Clean Energy 

Why have our energy bills increased this winter?

3/1/17 Update:

Peninsula Clean Energy Offers Customers a 5% Discount Compared to PG&E Rates

In February 2017, 220,000 residences and businesses throughout San Mateo County received four notices in the mail to inform them that they are about to enjoy cleaner electricity and save money through Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE).

In April 2017, all county residents and businesses will be automatically enrolled in ECOplus, and will enjoy 5% savings and greener electricity.

Peninsula Clean Energy is San Mateo County’s new default electricity provider, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and offering customer choice at competitive rates. PCE is a joint powers authority, which means residents have local control through their representative on the PCE board.  

The notices outline the new energy choices for all County residents and businesses:
1.  ECOplus is cleaner energy that is 50% renewable (compared to PG&E’s 30% renewable) with a 5% savings on the electricity generation portion of the bill. This is the default option that all residents and businesses will receive.

2.  ECO100 is 100% renewable energy for a small premium of one cent per kilowatt hour. Customers can choose to opt-up to this product.

3.  Or residents can choose to not participate in PCE and opt out of the program. 

The automatic enrollment provision comes from AB 117, the state legislation that enabled community choice aggregation (CCA) programs like PCE to operate in California. The law mandates that customers be automatically enrolled in their local CCA.  And because customers now have a choice, they can choose to stay with PCE’s 50% renewable offering, opt-up to PCE’s 100% renewable offering, or opt-out to continue to receive PG&E’s 30% renewable product.

Customers can learn more on PCE’s website or by calling PCE’s customer service phone number at 1-866-966-0110.

Peninsula Clean Energy purchases greener electricity for its customers, and PG&E continues to handle electricity delivery, maintenance of wires, customer billing, and natural gas services. Call PG&E’s customer service line if you experience an outage. PCE customers receive a consolidated bill from PG&E, which will reflect 5% savings if they are enrolled in ECOplus. 

All residents who are currently enrolled in CARE or medical baseline energy discount programs automatically continue in these programs under PCE. All PCE customers also continue to qualify for all PG&E energy efficiency programs. PCE’s net metering solar customers will receive a one cent/kWh premium for electricity they sell back to the grid.

Peninsula Clean Energy is currently serving about 80,000 residential and small business accounts across the county from its phase one enrollment in October. Learn more at

In South San Francisco, Mayor Pradeep Gupta serves on PCE’s board, taking part in the decision making at the publicly noticed monthly board meetings in Redwood City. 


South San Francisco joined Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE), a new energy consortium composed of all cities in San Mateo County and county government, which enables the purchase of electricity directly from energy providers instead of going through PG&E. This new program will allow us to purchase energy from renewable sources, thereby reducing greenhouse gas and combating global warming, and likely result in slightly lower monthly electric bills. Peninsula Clean Energy is governed by a local Board of Directors, which includes as a board member South San Francisco Vice Mayor Pradeep Gupta, with City Manager Mike Futrell as the alternate board member.

Although Peninsula Clean Energy will purchase the electricity, PG&E will still deliver the electricity to homes and business using existing transmission and delivery lines. PG&E will also still handle all trouble calls, issue and collect monthly utility bills and offer the same rebate and assistance programs currently available. Under California law all residents and businesses will be automatically enrolled in Peninsula Clean Energy. You can, however, opt to stay with PG&E as the source for your electricity if you so desire.

What’s Next?
PCE will be doing two phases of enrollment:

Phase 1: 
-20% of residents equally distributed across the County
-Small and medium businesses as defined by their PG&E rate classification
-Municipal accounts

Here is a map for South San Francisco’s residential customer distribution for Phase 1 enrollment in October 2016. 

Phase 2 will begin April 2017: 

-Remaining residential accounts
-Large commercial

Peninsula Clean Energy started sending out enrollment notifications on July 18, 2016 to 20 percent of residents and all small and medium businesses across the County. Residents who receive enrollment notices will be automatically enrolled to receive Peninsula Clean Energy’s ECOplus product, which is cleaner (50% renewable and 75% greenhouse gas free) and at lower rates than the electricity currently supplied by PG&E.

Samples of enrollment notices:

Those who will be enrolled in the second phase can become an early adopter and choose to enroll during the first phase if they wish by going to the PCE website: or call 1-866-966-0110.

Residents can also choose to become an ECO100 customer where 100% of electricity comes from renewable sources and is 100% carbon free.  This product has a premium of 1 cent/kWh above the ECOplus rate for each kWh of electricity you use, or for average household in the County, about $5 more each month. 
Please note: PCE will not be rolling out by city, but instead, they will be doing so across the entire county. Roughly 20% of SSF residents will be enrolled in the first phase, 80% in the second, etc. 

If you have specific questions about the PCE program, email:

Informational Workshop
Held September 26, 2016
at Municipal Services Building
South San Francisco

County staff explained how Peninsula Clean Energy works.
Click here to watch the video of the presentation
Click here for the slides from the presentation

For questions, please contact Kirsten Pringle at

How to Contact
Peninsula Clean Energy

Website:  E-mail:   Phone:  1 (866) 966-0110 
Click here for an overview on Peninsula Clean Energy. 

Comparison of Electric Rates, Renewable Energy Portfolio Content, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rates between Peninsula Clean Energy and Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

Click here to watch the Community Choice Energy Town Hall Meeting, February 3, 2016


All cities in San Mateo County, and the County itself, have voted to participate in Peninsula Clean Energy. The PCE Board of Directors has approved the program implementation plan, and has submitted it for certification to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). The implementation plan can be reviewed here.


California law allows local communities to pool the electricity needs of business and residents, and purchase electricity directly from an energy producer. Peninsula Clean Energy, or PCE for short, is a Community Choice Energy program that will provide electricity to all of the cities in San Mateo County, as well as the unincorporated areas. Under Peninsula Clean Energy, you will be able to choose between multiple power options, each with a different amount of renewable energy content, to meet your needs and goals. Peninsula Clean Energy will offer competitive rates, and clean energy from renewable sources. Peninsula Clean Energy will be only the source of electricity. All power, whether generated by Peninsula Clean Energy or PG&E, will be delivered over PG&E infrastructure, and PG&E will continue to handle all billing, maintenance and repair of power lines, and handle any service requests calls.