Fire Chief Gerald Kohlmann

In addition to firefighting and emergency medical services, South San Francisco's Fire Department provides protection to our community through fire prevention and education activities, operation of a Paramedic Ambulance service, and enforcement of the city's

Gerry Kohlmann

Municipal Code. The Fire Chief is responsible for evaluating the best methods to  protect our community, to support department personnel in carrying out the mission of the fire department, and to ensure the community is  prepared to deal with human-caused or natural disasters.

Gerald Kohlmann entered the fire service in 1975, and after a career that included time with the San Jose Fire Department, Redwood City Fire Department and work in the private sector, he was appointed as South San Francisco's Fire Chief on January 5, 2015. His experience spans operations, fire prevention, hazardous materials code enforcement and emergency response, training, emergency medical services, emergency preparedness, and administration. Chief Kohlmann holds an Associate of Science degree in Fire Protection Technology, a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Studies, and a Master of Science degree in Emergency Services Administration.

It was the unique span of services provided by the people of the South San Francisco Fire Department, and the dynamic nature of South San Francisco that attracted Gerry to this opportunity.

Deputy Fire Chief, Jesus Magallanes