Small Business Resources

South San Francisco Public Library offers a number of resources that can help you promote and grow your business: 

These free online courses will give you the skills you need to run your business smoothly. Learn accounting, marketing, business software, basic corporate law, how to write effective grant proposals, and so much more.

Access this resource here.

AtoZ databases
Get information on households and other businesses throughout the country. You can use these resources to conduct market research, generate sales leads, identify households for targeted advertising (it also includes access to free email marketing) and much more. You can also use this database to conduct basic background checks on those you do business with. 

Access this resource here.

Business Insights: Global
Find detailed profiles on companies and industries including case studies, financial reports, SWOT reports, company histories, case studies, and so much more.  This database’s advanced search features help you locate data not available using regular web searches.

Access this resource here

Collaboration Room
Our Collaboration Room features a 65-inch touch screen interactive display with the full range of Microsoft Office programs, Adobe Creative Suite, and more. Use these to create business cards, promotional materials, or presentations.

Reserve the Collaboration Room using our online booking tool.

LibLab Makerspace
Use our 3D printers to create prototypes of your products to share with potential investors or customers.

For more information, and a listing of our equipment, visit our MakerSpace page.