Questions Frequently Asked by Candidates


ê    Is there a filing fee involved in my candidacy?

There is no filing fee for a candidate for municipal office in South San Francisco.  There is a $600 candidate statement deposit that is required at the time of filing, unless the fee is waived upon the candidate’s petition for declaration of indigency. 

ê    What if I change my mind about being a candidate after filing nomination papers?

You may withdraw as a candidate at any time PRIOR to the close of the nomination period which is August 7, 2015 or August 12, 2015, if the nomination period is extended.  You are NOT permitted to officially withdraw after that date, and your name will appear on the ballot.

ê    What happens if some of the people whose signatures I obtain on my nomination papers are not registered voters or do not live within the City?

It is important that you file your nomination papers as early as you can, because the Elections Office must certify the signatures on nomination papers.  If you wait until the last day, and your sponsors’ signatures, for any reason, are insufficient, you will not have qualified as a candidate.  If you file early, there will be time to check the signatures and notify you of any insufficiencies; you may have an opportunity to circulate new nomination papers to qualify as a candidate.

ê    How soon will a list of qualified candidates be available after the close of the nomination period?

The nomination period closes August 7, 2015, unless an incumbent does not file and the period is extended to August 12, 2015.  A list of candidates will be prepared the next working day, and should be available for distribution by 5:00 p.m. on August 10, 2015, or August 13, 2015.  You may come to the City Clerk’s Office and pick up a copy of the list of candidates, or you may request a list be mailed or faxed to you by telephoning (650) 877-8518 on or after August 10, 2015 or August 13, 2015.

ê    May I change or correct the spelling/wording on my Candidate’s Statement after it has been submitted?

No, you may not.  Check your Candidate’s Statement carefully before it is submitted.

ê    If I submit a Candidate’s Statement, and I change my mind about having it printed in the Sample Ballot, may I withdraw the statement?

The Candidate’s Statement may be withdrawn, but not changed, during the period for filing nomination papers and until 5:00 p.m. of the next work day after the close of the nomination period, August 10, 2015 or August 13, 2015.

ê    May my spouse, friend, or campaign manager pick up and file my nomination documents?

Election law does not specifically prohibit another person from filing nomination papers for a candidate; however, candidates are urged to file in person.  The Oath of Affirmation and the Affidavit of Nominee must be certified by the City Clerk or the Deputy City Clerk or before a Notary Public.  It is much easier for a candidate to file nomination papers in person.

ê    When are the Mayor and Mayor Pro-Tem selected?

The Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem are selected following the Oaths of Office being administered to the new Councilmembers.  The Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem serve for one year.