Sharrow and Striping Program

The Sharrow and Striping Program installed a bike lane on McLellan Drive between El Camino Real and Hibiscus Drive. It provides direct access to BART and connects to existing Class II facilities.

The program also installed sharrows on:
  • Spruce Avenue: Between Victory Ave. and School St.
  • Linden Avenue: Just north of Dollar Ave. to Hillside Blvd.
  • Chestnut Avenue: Between Commercial Ave. and Hillside Blvd.
  • Commercial Avenue: Between Chestnut Ave. and Linden Ave.
  • Del Monte Avenue: Between Arroyo Dr. and Alta Loma Dr.
  • Utah Avenue: Between So. Airport Blvd. and Littlefield Ave.
  • Littlefield Avenue: Between Utah Ave. and East Grand Ave.

The project was awarded to Bayside Stripe & Seal, Inc. of Petaluma, Calfornia on April 23, 2014 and construction was completed on October 11, 2014.