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The City of South San Francisco wants to hear from you – we need your input so we know what public safety and other community services residents want. That’s why we’re asking you to Join the Conversation.

The City of South San Francisco works hard to balance the city’s budget every year. While we have a balanced City budget, we need to maintain essential local services in the manner our public expects to protect our safety and quality of life.
Key essential city service priorities we must maintain/address include:

Join the Conversation!

  • Neighborhood police patrols
  • Rapid 9-1-1 emergency response times
  • Maintain library hours
  • After-school and summer programs for youth and teens
  • Maintaining streets and repairing potholes
  • Crime prevention and gang prevention programs
  • A modern, seismically safe Police Operations Center
  • Better street lighting
  • Safe, accessible recreation for seniors and disabled

Take Our Survey
We will be updating and soliciting input from the community over the coming months about South San Francisco’s financial situation. Please join the conversation by completing a community feedback form today.

Getting More Information
If you would like to find out more about essential city services or to request a more in-depth presentation to your community group, please contact us here or call (650) 829-6603.

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