City Intersection Improvements

Grand Avenue/Airport Boulevard Intersection and South Airport Boulevard/San Mateo Avenue/Produce Avenue Intersection Improvements

Starting March 30, 2015, Dunrite Construction of Livermore, California will be making improvements to the Grand Avenue/Airport Boulevard and the South Airport Boulevard/San Mateo Avenue/Produce Avenue Intersections.  Please be advised that there may be traffic delays.  There will be lane closures.  The contractor will work within the intersections from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.  The following are the scope of work to be constructed at each intersection.


At the Grand Avenue/Airport Boulevard intersection, the eastbound leg on Grand Avenue will be restriped to a dedicated left-hand turn lane and a through-right turn lane.  The associated traffic signal lights will be modified to include left-arrows during the green phase.  New electrical wiring will be installed. 


At the South Airport/San Mateo Avenue/Produce Avenue intersection, the southwest corner of the intersection will be modified.  The existing traffic signal will be moved towards the south and the existing concrete island will be modified so it can protect the traffic signal pole and allow for safe pedestrian crossing through the intersection.  New handicap ramps will be constructed and new electrical wiring and striping will be installed.


Motorists are advised to plan accordingly when traveling through the affected area.  The intersection improvement projects are scheduled to be complete by August 2015.