Financial Resources and Incentives

Incentive Programs

The City of South San Francisco works closely with the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development to help our existing businesses succeed and attract new businesses to our city. Below are some of the incentive programs that the State of California offers and that our staff can help you receive:

  1. California Competes
  2. Partial Tax Exemptions
  3. Tax Exclusions
  4. Employment Hiring Tax Credit
  5. Tax Credit for R&D
  1. Small Business Assistance
  2. CA Infrastructure and Ed Bank
  3. CA Capital Access Program
  1. Employment Training Panel
  2. Industrial Development Bond
  3. Small Business Loan Guarantee
  4. CalCap-CS
  5. Pollution Control Tax-Exempt..

Available Resources

  1. NOVA Workforce Development
  2. Marble Bridge Financing