Business Support and Consulting


We know that access to excellent business support services, including venture capital, is critical to your success. But, the City plays a key role in helping your company. We offer a team approach to expedite permit processing; we can collaborate with other regional agencies to look for grants and state funds; and we collaborate with our development community.

Business Support Services Access to Venture Capital and Angel Financing centers:

Local companies have attracted experienced management and venture capital to explore and create new products and services. The Bay Area has 34% of all active venture capital firms in the United States. In 2013, venture capital firms invested $1.4 billion in Bay Area companies, that is as much as 28% of all venture capital funding nationally. New City and State Incentives: State incentives (such as Cal Competes), Employment Training Panel and we are a targeted area (TEA) for EB-5. We have regional collaborations with Bay Bio, Joint Venture Silicon Valley and other groups. City Support for Small- and Medium-Size Firms:

• We have three REITs that build exclusively for the biotech industry on 15 R&D campuses and nearly 9 million square feet of space.
• A continued positive relationship with city, regional, and state units of government is essential.
• Facilities growth is not limited to a few large companies.

  1. EB-5 Program
  2. Commercial Facade Programs
  3. PACE
  4. Workforce Development

Targeted Employment Area (TEA) for the EB-5 Program

Two census tracts located in the City of South San Francisco have been identified by the State of California as Targeted Employment Areas (TEA). The TEA designation encourages foreign investors, interested to using the federal EB-5 program to receive a Green Card, to finance projects within the TEA area. The EB-5 program has been used to finance a large variety of projects across the United States, from restructuring military bases to building power plants to constructing condominiums. A number of cities have utilized the EB-5 program to their benefit. With the influx of foreign investment capital, especially from China, the City of South San Francisco encourages investors with EB-5 financing strategies to support future South San Francisco’s projects.

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  3. California Business Programs


The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is an independent agency of the federal government that counsels, assists, and protects the interests of small business. It's mission is to help Americans start, build and grow businesses. The SBA offers advice on getting loans, grants, licenses, tax identification numbers, business planning and more.

Small Business Assistance Program

There continues to be a need to help existing business remain in business or help entrepreneurs start a business. Many individuals lack the skills to prepare a realistic business plan or test the market. Many will use the wrong financial tools (such as a credit card) to start a business. The City is partnering with Skyline College to office a Small Business Assistance Program to assist South San Francisco-based businesses with the cost of complying with federal, state and local laws relating to disability access requirements, trash enclosures, sewer connections and other such obligations imposed on small businesses.

 The Program has two components: Grants and Support Services. The Support component shall be utilized for One-on-One business advising targeted at South San Francisco-based businesses as well as for special events designed to support and assist small business. Interested participants are required to review and submit the Program Guidelines and Application. Specifically, the Center can help businesses with:

• Assisting viable small businesses with developing as well as making necessary adjustments to a business plan.
• One-to-one counseling to meet individual business needs.
• Referrals to other business programs, resources, and websites.
• Assist in helping small businesses develop a strong marketing plan.
• Provide information on the SBA Loan Programs and other resources.