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As the City’s Information Technology Manager, Tony is responsible for server and application uptime.  City applications provide employees answers  to public questions, the ability to pay vendors, provide email addresses to communicate with internal and external users,  allows public safety the ability to provide and obtain information in the field and send critical information to hospitals, and provides builders and contractors permits to better the city.  Although not the programmer of the applications, a fine tuned network/server environment is essential to run applications 99.9% of the time.
Robert deals with administration of servers, databases, and enterprise applications.  He monitors alerts, events and logs, and applies necessary updates and software patches to systems.  Robert ensures the integrity of the data by monitoring security alerts and creating security policies to prevent viruses, worms and other malwares from entering the system.   He creates disaster recovery procedures and policies and manages data backup to ensure data recoverability.  Working alongside other staff, he manages user accounts to make sure that employees have all the access they need to perform their duties. He also tests new applications and version updates prior to production release to ensure compatibility with current standards.
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Daniel's duties within the IT Dept are to support the various computer systems throughout the City.  As a Computer ServicesTechnician he performs on-site technical work to install and maintain computer equipment, network and software applications throughout the city. He responds to work order requests by diagnosing and repairing network and computer hardware, printers, installing and updating software and troubleshooting applications. Beside the City, we respond to various service calls from town of Hillsborough.
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Justin  administers both the City’s mapping program (GIS or Geographic Information System) and the asset management/work order system (Cityworks).  Both of these use computer mapping software that is tied to databases to help City departments locate and track the infrastructure they use and maintain.  These systems also provide a great way for City staff to analyze work, communicate information, reach out to the public, and report to other agencies.  As an administrator, he installs and configures the programs, build and quality controls the data, and assists staff in using the systems.