Traffic Signs & Markings Maintenance

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Traffic Signs & Markings

The Maintenance Division is also responsible for the installation and maintenance of all City traffic signs, street name signs, and painted legends and symbols.
City of SSF Sign Maintenance Policy

To report a damaged or missing sign, faded street symbol or legend, please contact Public Works at (650) 877-8550, email, or go to SeeClickFix.
The Traffic Advisory Committee is responsible for reviewing requests for new installations of traffic control such as the following:    
  • The establishment of restricted parking zones on residential streets
  • The installation of stop signs, yield signs or other traffic control devices
  • The feasibility of a One-Way street
You must submit a TAC form including your name, address, phone number, location you are requesting, and a detailed description /recommendation on how to address your complaint or request. The Traffic Advisory Committee reviews requests on a monthly basis. Once a decision has been made, you will be notified by mail of their final decision. If the request is approved, it will be forwarded to the Maintenance Division for completion.