Street Sweeping & Clean Team

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Clean Team

The City's Clean Team cleans areas where sweepers are not able to access, with the help of our mini vacuum machine called the MadVac. They also pick up discarded items that are left on City property and illegally dumped items throughout towns such as shopping cars, furniture, and debris.
To report illegally dumped items in the public right-of-way, please contact Public Works Maintenance at (650) 877-8550 or email at

Street Sweeping

It is one of our many service goals to keep our City streets as clean as possible. To accomplish this we take advantage of parking restrictions and sweep very early in the morning. There are signs throughout our City that state: "No Parking on this side of the street on (day/time)".
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These signs are intended to prohibit vehicles from parking on the street for more than 72 hours, not for street sweeping. You can be ticketed even if the sweeper does not sweep that day and/or you park during that time after the sweeper goes by. We have two sweepers that have two routes. The public can assist us by moving their cars on sweeping days and prevent possible parking restrictions. 

Street sweeping does not occur on the following holidays:
* New Year's Day - January 1
* Martin Luther King Day - third Monday of January
* President's Day - third Monday of February
* Memorial Day - last Monday of May
* Independence Day - July 4
* Labor Day - first Monday of September
* Columbus Day - second Monday of October
* Veteran's Day Observance - November 11
* Thanksgiving Day - fourth Thursday of November
* Day following Thanksgiving - fourth Friday of November
* Christmas Day - December 25

Note - Holidays occurring on Saturdays are observed the previous Friday and holidays occurring on Sundays are observed the following Monday, therefore no street sweeping will occur on these observance days.
If you have questions or concerns regarding street sweeping, please call the Public Works Maintenance Division at (650) 877-8550 Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 
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Shopping Cart Ordinance

On August 28, 2013 the City of South San Francisco City Council adopted an amendment to the South San Francisco Municipal Code adding chapter 8.63 "Shopping Cart Removal, Impoundment and Disposal" (ordinance).
This ordinance became effective September 28, 2013. Businesses affected are those identified by City staff who provide shopping carts for use by customers in their place of business.

The ordinance impacts businesses that provide twelve (12) or more shopping carts for customer use and requires businesses to create and file with the City a plan to prevent cart removal. It further requires businesses to retrieve abandoned shopping carts found on public right-of-way within three (3) business days after being notified by the City. 

Please click here to view the City of South San Francisco's Shopping Cart Ordinance.