Street & Sidewalk Maintenance

Street Maintenance

Ever wonder what to do when you see a pothole?
Please contact Public Works Maintenance at (650) 877-8550 or email  if you ever notice a pothole in the road. These are repaired in priority order due to weather and road conditions. During the winter months, potholes are more prevalent due to constant water that contributes to pavement failure.
When reporting a pothole or any other road condition which you think may be a hazard, please be prepared to provide the address of where it is located, your name and phone number. 

For any potholes or maintenance repairs on El Camino Real (CA Highway 82) should be reported to Caltrans at (650) 358-4127.
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Sidewalk Maintenance

We would like to provide you with the following information on what our Public Works Maintenance Division uses to evaluate sidewalk conditions and how they determine what repairs are to be made.
The information used to evaluate sidewalks in South San Francisco are as follows:

1)      A portion of sidewalk will be scheduled for repair if conditions, as determined by a City representative exceed the dimensions shown on the Numerical Guidelines. The dimensions on the reverse side of this page may be modified at the discretion of the City in determining the condition of the sidewalk. 

2)      Per California Streets and Highways Code, Chapter 22, Section 5600-5630, the responsibility for the general condition of sidewalks and curbs rests with the abutting property owners, except if the damage is determined to be caused by roots from trees in the City right-of-way, or from City-owned facilities (such as storm drains and sewers). In these cases, any required sidewalk or curb and gutter repair shall be the responsibility of the City. 
3)      Curb, gutter, and sidewalk repairs on curb returns at corner lots shall be the responsibility of the City. New handicap ramps will be installed as required by State regulations. 

4)      If the City determines that the sidewalk defects are the responsibility of the City, then the City will make repairs at its own expense. Existing concrete in planter strip areas will also be replaced as needed to coordinate with the sidewalk or curb repair.  
5)      If the repairs are the responsibility of the property owner, the owner must hire a licensed contractor to perform the repairs. Work performed by a licensed contractor must be done in accordance with the City Standard Specifications and requires an Encroachment Permit issued by the Engineering Division. The City may initiate proceedings according to the Streets and Highways Code to require the repairs to be made by the adjoining property owner. 

6)      The City may temporarily patch defects which are the property owner’s responsibility until the permanent repairs are made. 

7)      The Public Works Maintenance Division will coordinate their repair work with all others and will determine the need for root pruning and/or any tree removal, and will accomplish that work. The work will be done according to the City’s Tree Preservation Ordinance. 

Please contact the Public Works Maintenance Division at (650) 877-8550 should you need any further information or have any questions.

Download the guidelines that the City of South San Francisco uses to evaluate sidewalk conditions and determine what repairs are to be made if any. Minor cracking/sinking will be put on a list for future repairs.