Sewer & Storm Drain Maintenance

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Sewer Maintenance
The City of South San Francisco's sewer maintenance staff maintains the City's sewer main lines (excluding Westbourgh and unincorporated areas) and a portion of a lateral from a house or business that has a City approved cleanout. That portion, which is generally within the City right of way, to the point of connection with the main sewer line.
Houses or businesses without a city approved cleanout and between the clean out and the building, are the property owner’s responsibility to maintain. This includes cleaning, repairs, and reconstruction of the branch line (sewer lateral) from the house or business including its connection to the main sewer. Many conditions apply due to many factors, so it is always best to check with us before you hire a contractor or plan on the City doing the work.

Please click here to view the City of South San Francisco's Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP).  

For any questions or comments relating to the City's SSMP or SSO Response Plan, please email or call (650) 877-8550.
Storm Drain Maintenance
The storm drain maintenance staff's mission is responsible for the inspection, maintenance and repair of the storm drain infrastructure and to respond to the mandates imposed by the Federal Government (The Clean Water Act) as monitored by the Regional Water Quality Control (RWQCB) to lessen pollution and damage to streets and structures.
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This includes clearing blocked drains, removal of debris from storm drain structures, and the cleaning and repair of damaged drain pipes.

Storm drains are designed to handle normal water flow, but occasionally during heavy rain, flooding will occur. The City of South San Francisco's goal is to limit the number of flooding incidents by keeping the drains clear with regular maintenance and cleaning.