Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Team.jpg
Left to Right: Dave Bockhaus, PW Program Manager; Mike McKay, Lead Equipment Mechanic; and Equipment Mechanics Dave Wigton, Ruben Baca, & Randy Speller
The City Garage provides fleet maintenance services to over 300 pieces of motorized equipment within the City's fleet of vehicles and mechanical equipment. Services performed by our fleet maintenance staff include preventative maintenance checks, required safety and smog inspections, emergency repairs, and equipment modifications as necessary to ensure all vehicles and equipment are suitable for use. The public and departmental users enjoy reliable vehicles and equipment due to their supreme efforts. Public Safety vehicles including Fire trucks, ambulances, and Police patrol vehicles are high priority items.

City Garage - Environmentally Conscious

The City Garage has an environmentally safe parts washer to insure our facility is solvent free. It is 100% safe, biodegradable, and user friendly. The parts washer has a built-in wastewater filtration system. All hazardous waste materials are labeled on the outside with a "Hazardous Waste" sticker that will ensure that ALL employees take the necessary precautions to handle materials. Solid waste materials are kept separate from hazardous waste to help reduce or eliminate contamination.
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What other environmentally safe efforts do our Garage staff perform:

  • Label & recycle used oil (stored in closed containers)
  • Recycle anti-freeze
  • Recycle used oil filters
  • Recycle on-site metal scrap & tires
The County of San Mateo Environmental Health Agency routinely inspects our facilities and we are proud to say we meet all regulations.   

City Generators 

The City Garage knows how important it is to have Emergency Backup Generators in case of a power outage or natural disaster. A backup generator will automatically deliver the power we need to keep our City functioning and running during an outage. Once power is restored, the generator will disconnect and the system will revert back to utility power.

The City currently has diesel backup generators in the following locations:     
  • Corporation Yard - 550 North Canal St.
  • Sign Hill
  • West Orange Library - 840 West Orange Ave.
  • Fire Station 61 - 480 North Canal St.
  • Fire Station 62 - 249 Harbor Wy.
  • Fire Station 63 - 33 Arroyo Dr.
  • Fire Station 64 - 2350 Galway Dr.
  • Fire Station 65 - 1151 SSF Dr.
All generators are test run on a weekly basis and serviced every 6 months by our Fleet Maintenance staff making sure they are functioning properly in the case of an emergency.