Flying Fish

Flying Fish Installation OMPSG - May 2013 016_thumb.jpg This whimsical, wind-driven kinetic sculpture created of aluminum and stainless steel can truly be characterized as a “Fish Out of Water!” Fashioned from assorted bicycle parts, it is seemingly precariously perched on a bicycle fork as it hovers over twelve feet tall.

The aquatic creature, that appears to be airborne, in fact spins like a weather vane with the quizzical ichthyoid bobbing up and down as if looking for food. In this piece, as in her body of work, the sculptor endeavors to create art that is exciting and filled with motion and light. Her works represent something from the living world, however transformed or imaginative, which establishes a connection with the observer. This sculpture was originally installed through the city's sculpture loan program in 2013.

Artist: Patricia Vader, 2015
Location: Orange Memorial Park Sculpture Garden