Winter Storm Guidelines

Please visit to view current and future weather forecasts.

Remember Your Winter Storm Guidelines:

  • Encourage your family members and/or employees to listen to the radio, television, or NOAA Weather Radio for weather reports and emergency information       
  • Make sure your family and co-workers know what to do when the power goes out, including ensuring that a portable radio and flashlights are on hand with extra batteries (avoid the use of candles-fire hazard)
  • Keep plastic sheeting, heavy duty plastic garbage bags (emergency raincoats), scissors and duct tape on hand to cover broken windows or to seal leaks
  • Maintain at least a three-day supply of food and water for each family member Have first aid supplies and medicines on hand, as well as cash
  • Make sure gas gauge on the family car and work vehicle is at least ¾ full
Emergency plans should also include:
  • The name and phone numbers of out-of-town contacts
  • Safe routes from your home or business to higher ground
  • A place to reunite if you and family members are separated
  • Considerations for family members with access and functional needs
Please contact Public Works at (650) 877-8550 to request sandbags.
To report emergencies, flooding in a business, or downed power lines please call 911.

Please take this as an opportunity for you, your family and co-workers to be prepared and be weather smart!