Los Cerritos School W. Orange Ave Improvement

Los Cerritos.jpg
The main focus for this project will be the “C” Street intersection, which provides the main entrance to Los Cerritos School. While traffic calming is a priority, the project design will limit on-street parking losses. Additionally, the design treatments will limit changes to the corners where curb ramps were recently enhanced. All educational activities will include bilingual translation to Spanish.
The SRTS Program allows the City of South San Francisco to design and construct a traffic calming project along West Orange Avenue between B Street and C Street adjacent to Los Cerritos School. The project will include the following components:
  • Community meetings/public outreach;
  • Traffic calming treatments such as bulbouts;
  • High visibility crosswalk signage and striping;
  • Speed feedback (radar) signs;
  • Reduction in speed limit signage for school zones;
  • Enforcement activities, including “stings” and focused drop-off and pick-up enforcement paired with education and media outreach; and
  • Educational activities (in-classroom activities to account for a minimum of 10% of the grant funds).